Our Clients

Since we started Flowspace, we’ve been absolutely amazed by the amazing work our clients have been able to accomplish. We’re truly honored to be a part of their success stories. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

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Teams that are with us

At Cuckoo, we always need to be on top of our game, and Flowspace has allowed us to do just that.

We’ve been able to build a great team of remote workers who are all coordinated and working together perfectly.

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At KEF, innovation is key to our success. We always need the best sound and software engineers to speak the same coding language.

Flowspace empowered us to tap into a whole new pool of talent by hiring the best remote workers out there. 


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MOG Eyewear is a growing business and we have found that Flowspace is the perfect tool to help us hire excellent digital nomads to join our team.

We’re always on the lookout for new designers and Flowspace helps us find them quickly and easily.


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